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Relevance of English as a language in our world

The limits of my language are the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein,
Renowned Philosopher of Language.

Languages are indeed something we can’t seem to live without. They are the actual means to express our complex and varied emotions, and ideas to one another. Well, its quite intriguing indeed to see that languages exist everywhere, even when we think,speak or do a deed, we can realize that languages indeed play an important cognitive part in these activities. Now let’s see how English as a language serves these purposes.

English, because of its unique and comprehensible architecture,became the biggest cosmopolitan language in our world. Hence, people refer English as the “Universal Language”. From the time when India struggled for freedom, while India lacked unity because of the various different languages that existed all around India, the language,English,served as the medium to unite Indians to strive for freedom and to instill the thought of liberty into the Indian souls. 

By learning English, we are unlocking the path to the world. As the language is cosmopolitan in nature and it is spoken by almost every countries around the world, we are able to learn, absorb and appreciate the other cultures and traditions around the world. The existence of English language greatly impacted on the world,changing it into a better place. 

In my opinion, Learning English cannot be just seen as learning just a language. We should realize that English is an important factor or a medium through which we can explore and learn the world. We must create awareness about the relevance of this language and make efforts for the needy people to achieve it. 

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